Application Disclaimer

 Thank you for your interest in becoming a vital part of the Allied Assembly Inc. team! Allied Assembly Inc. provides professional assembly services to large retail stores nationwide. Our clients include Walmart, Office Depot, Toys R’ Us, Sears, Lows, Home Depot, Kmart and more. We are always looking for dedicated Assembly Technicians who want to be a part of the best team in the industry.

As an Assembly Technician, you will be trained to assemble products such as bikes and provide services of superior quality to our clients. The Assembly Technician is a seasonal position with potential to develop into a full-time position based upon your performance, quality of work & productivity. The ideal candidate has their own reliable transportation, can work independently, is responsible and dependable, is able to work well with schedulers, Team Leaders & store personnel, and is flexible with changes that may occur during the work day.

Most of our Assembly Technicians make $10-25 per hour. Your level of skill, effort, and how quickly you can pick up on training will determine your rate of pay.

The following are mandatory requirements for the Assembly Technician position:

  • You must have your own reliable transportation & have flexibility with travel requirements.
  • You must own your own tools in order to work and be eligible for certification.
    • Specialty bike tools can be purchased directly through Allied Assembly Inc.
    • Most required tools are common & readily available through Allied Assembly Inc. such as an air compressor & bike stand.
  • You must have access to internet. Allied Assembly Inc. uses our website for scheduling, work order processing and payroll records.
  • You must have a working mobile phone.

The Assembly Technician’s day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Being assigned to a different store on a daily basis.
  • Check with management to ensure you are building the correct products.
  • Build products according to Allied Assembly Inc.’s specifications.
  • Fill a work order to be signed off by management after all work is complete for the day.
  • Leave your work area neat & clean.
  • Contact your scheduler for updates on each day’s progress.
  • Access the Allied Assembly Inc.’s website to enter information on your work order & receive schedule for next day.